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Implemented projects

About Us

Family home in Písnice

We renovated the interior of an older family home for the purpose of more luxurious rental housing. We joined the living room with the kitchen by knocking out the partitions. We retained the original chimneys in the house and used them to visually separate the kitchen from the living room. We designed an island with pull-out storage space on one side and bar seating on the other. The vinyl flooring in concrete decor contrasts nicely with the white furniture surfaces and black accessories. Wood, on the other hand, makes the whole interior feel warmer. For the living room and bedroom, we designed slatted tiles that decorate the walls and articulate the large white wall surfaces.

About Us

Apartment building at Na Chmelnici

As part of the study for the apartment building, we designed a facade with balconies on one side and only walls with windows on the opposite side. We connected the variously receded walls of one side of the façade with balcony panels that encircle the entire length of the house. The balconies project into the space in waves. The railings alternate between white wooden and glazed segments separated by beveled lines. The wooden decor on the balcony railing panels enhances the sophistication of the balcony design.

About Us

Family home in Nová Ves

This is an interior project for a model home. In the design, we chose warm shades such as grey and cream, which then match any accessories chosen by the future owners. The elegant furniture in oak wood decor - cabinets, shelves and decorative slats on the walls, were completely made to measure. A bar counter with practical shelves and designer pendant lights helps to separate the kitchen and dining room while decorating the space nicely.

About Us

Family home in Čestlice

A luxurious interior, in which we elegantly combine large-format ceramic tiles in Calacatta marble with a wooden floor. The ceiling of the kitchen and adjacent wall are also covered with wooden decor. In the bedroom, we proposed a wooden built-in wardrobe with open illuminated shelves. The luxurious Obitar pendant lights stand out thanks to the slatted wall paneling on the bedside tables. The entrance hall is again dominated by marble, which is complemented by golden elements such as the brass ceiling lights, the side table and the golden mirror frame of the custom-made shoe cabinet.

About Us

House facade in Křenice

Another part of our job is to design the exteriors of houses. In this project in the Central Bohemia region, the client requested the creation of a night scene featuring LED strips under the roof overhang and the house number on the fence. The view of the house facade is enlivened by a glass entrance portal that brings light into the entrance hall. Here we combined white, anthracite and wood decor.

Implementation from A to Z

We will guide you through the entire process of furnishing your interior, from rough construction until you move in. Detailed design of the spatial layout including 3D visualization, budgeting and scheduling.